Make Money Easy


I see you. Feeling as if you're abandoning yourself.

Feeling like getting a job you hate- just to make money, not because it brings you joy and is your true, soul, purpose work- is somehow, in some way, deep down abandoning yourself.

Even though this might not have been your experience so far, deep down you feel like it should be easy to have money flow to you.

You know we live in an abundant universe. You know there is so much money out there. There are so many ways to make money. So many people who need things and are willing to spend money. So many people who need what YOU have and are willing to spend money to get it.

So many people who need things, who need YOU and are willing to spend the money. It's not hard. You know this. Your mind is just making it hard.

It's easy. It's so so easy.

Money gets to be easy.

Money gets to be fun.

Money gets to flow.

Do you feel the flow and ease and how GOOD it feels just to talk about money this way?

You love talking about money, don't you?

You know it's actually good.

You know it's a tool.

It supports you.

It helps you live the beautiful life you are here to live.

It helps you spread your message, reach more people, make a bigger impact.

You've always known it's a good thing.

Your soul just wants to shout from the rooftops how good and easy money is,

but your mind,

the fear mind, is somehow still holding you back.

But your soul knows.

It knows how easy it starts to flow to you once you let go of your tightly controlling grip.

Once you truly let go and start playing.

Once you start to play and laugh and have fun and realize how easy money gets to be.

It just starts to flow.

Because you're finally hanging out on the same frequency.

You're finally tuned into the right station.

One of abundance, instead of lack and scarcity.

This is why you feel so deeply that a normal 9-5 is abandoning yourself.

It's turning your back on money.

Because you know money doesn't work that way, no.

You know working just to make it is the old paradigm,

and the worth, YOUR worth, YOUR abundance, comes from within.

You've loved the energy of money and all it can help you do in the world ever since you were little.

You were just led astray by adults who forgot how easy and fun life is meant to be.

All the lack and scarcity you've experienced around money. Your higher self created this situation so you would discover and remember how abundant you truly are. How abundant you are and how fun it actually gets to be.

Money is meant to be fun.

and just thinking about it in this way, oh how it lights you up!!

Because your soul is remembering, your soul is remembering the way you always knew it was suppose to be.

It's not too late to fully remember.

It's not too late to let go of all the conditioned beliefs that have been increasingly cutting off your life force, the beliefs that have had you by the throat, suffocating you, making you believe is has to be hard, keeping you from your natural state of ease and flow and infinite abundance.

It's not too late to make money easy.

xx, Chlo


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