Quit Tuning Into BROKE FM


Stop giving your power away to MONEY.

Stop giving your power away to the ILLUSION.

Stop giving your power away to something OUTSIDE of you.

As if the things outside of you tell you your worth, your value, what you deserve or your place in the world even.


Place in the world.

YOU decide your place in the world.

and if you aren't happy with where you are?

MF change it.

Because you're creating this whole thing, don’t you see.

Money is just a shadow.

A reflection.

A flow and exchange of energy.

And it's about time you start seeing it as such.

When you look at the world through the eyes of Source.

When you know your TRUE worth.

Your TRUE value.

You will stop making money such a big damn deal.

You will stop giving your power away and know and truly FEEEEL,

that your abundance comes from INSIDE of you.

Know your worth and the money will flow.

Continue to serve yourself some shitty ideas about who you are, how you're not good enough, scared, filled with fear, don't deserve or insert some other shitty ass belief the world or even your parents accidentally instilled in you.

Insert, light it on fire, and let it MF burn, baby.

Because we don't have time for lies and boring as excuses anymore.

We have a life to live.

An impact to make.

Fun and joy to be had and shared and created.

So stop buying into the victim game.

The victim blame.

The wtf is WRONG with me and why am I broken and somebody FIX me mindset that most of the planet is hiding deep down beneath their material possessions they are attempting to find their worth and validation and acceptance in.

Find your worth and acceptance and validation with you FIRST.

Your bare naked soul.

Nothing else.

And the rest will follow.

The rest will flow.

Because you'll know that it doesn't define you.

You'll know and understand where your TRUE worth comes from.

And everything else like the material things is just for the joy of PLAYING.

Because you came here to live a juicy, delicious abundant life and WHY WTF NOT stay in fancy hotels because they raise your vibe!?

Or have a new standard for yourself of only flying first class.

Or move across the country to your DREAM city because it's calling your name and you mf CAN.

Money equals freedom baby.

That is all.

Not your worth.

Not your value.

Not any damn thing outside of yourself that you have oh so desperately been searching for.

So now that we got that out of the way..

Now that you know who you truly are,

as a soul,

as an infinite being,

a deliberate, divine, creator,

here to play, here to live the best life possible...

Are you going to choose to keep tuning into BROKE FM?

Or are you ready to change the station?

Because of course- everything you need is already within you,

But you gotta be willing to flip the switch,

xx, Chlo

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