Rid Yourself of All the Holey Things


Get RID of all the holey things!

All of em.

Looking at all my money "things."

My money issues and beliefs and junk that needed to be cleared,

I came upon an issue of the closet.

One that I totally saw, but didn't realize what it actually meant about me. Not what it really meant about me. Because truly, your material possessions don't mean a dang thing about you.

But then again they do.

As I looked at a few of my favorite pieces of clothing, socks, cozy sweatshirts, etc.

A common theme seemed to appear,



and random stains from only heaven knows where.

But I couldn't possibly part with these items,

because oh I just loved them so much.

A few of them were my favorites.

My "go to" things that I wore whenever I wanted to be cozy or didn't want to think about what I was going to wear. Sorta just put the clothes on and GO!

But one morning as I examined these things oh so lovingly, I just knew.

Oh I just knew,

How they had been a reflection of the self worth issues I had about myself.

Not feeling worthy.

Not feeling good enough.

Not feeling like more money would come into my life for me to buy NEW things.

Because basically, that is the signal I was giving out to the universe.

I don't trust you.

I don't trust me.

I don't trust in life, in God, in the universe, in my abilities,

I don't trust that more money is always flowing to me so I must HOLD ONTO THE OLD SH*T for DEAR LIFE.

Yea, and I realized, when lovingly letting these things go, that is how I felt deep down.

As if my favorite things would be gone forever.

It didn't even occur to me that NEW favorite things,

even BETTER ones could make their way into my life.

My mind, my brain was still operating from that program of LACK + scarcity and not enough. So it didn't even think to go there.

I looked at these items, one being a San Antonio Spurs sweatshirt I had designed online and just lovingly laughed.

I thanked them for serving their purpose.

I thanked them for being my favorite things.

And I put them into a bag that I later dropped off at a donation station.

Making room for the new to lovingly flow in.

Making a statement to the universe and myself.

That YES, I know I am abundant.

I know I deserve nice things.

I know that when I trust and surrender and let tf go,

That the universe always shows up.

That I always show up.

That money is a renewable resource, always flowing,

always flowing, like a steadfast stream, into and out of my life as I circulate it into the world.

As my energy flows.

As I give and people give back to me.

It's just the way the universe so lovingly works, don't ya see?

But you gotta be willing to trust.

You gotta be willing to let go.

You gotta be willing to surrender to the flow.

To surrender to the fact that.

You're a damn goddess.

And deserve nothing less than the best.

And to you honey,

Money gets to be so f*cking easy.

And let’s not forget- everything is within you,

xx Chlo


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