Suppression + my Body Attacking Itself

chloe elizabeth

I'll never forget, last year I was having a conversation with a doctor (in a normal, every day setting, I wasn't at the doctor's office thank goodness), we were talking about the body, I was telling her about all the things I use to suffer from and she said-

"Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of autoimmune-like systems."

Now I had never been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease of any sort but in that moment it just hit me...

Autoimmune- the body attacking itself.

And all of a sudden everything just clicked into place, all the aha's and light bulbs went off in that moment and I made such a crazy, vital connection to my mind-body experience.

When I was healing my body and letting go of old stories, old beliefs, old emotions, I discovered I had a lot of suppressed anger and resentment.

Anger and resentment that I had no idea I had been harboring within my body.

Anger and resentment that had been turned inward, toward myself.

Literally stored within my cells.

Anger and resentment that had been energetically stuck within me for so long that my body listened and began attacking itself.

At first it made no sense, yet at the same time it made all the sense.

The more I let go,

the more I released,

the more I loved myself,

loved and healed my inner child and told her everything was ok,

that it was safe to let go,

that she was worthy and loved,

the better my body got.

the less symptoms I began to have.

Until eventually I had released all the negative energy causing them and never experienced them in the way I use to again.

I've said this and I'll say it again until whoever needs to hear it has heard it a million and one times, heard it again, gotten sick of me and then truly embodied it and realized it for themselves- every symptom has a deeper energetic meaning- and for me, a majority of my symptoms stemmed from suppressed emotions I had no idea were there.

In my every day life I never seemed angry nor had resentment towards anyone.

It was all subconscious.

The only sign of them was as the autoimmune-like symptoms and random sh*t that I believed was "just normal and had to deal with."

Why and how we learn to suppress our emotions in this way is a whole nother story to be told later, but most of us do.

And the way our body helps us become aware of these emotions is by manifesting into physical symptoms,

because if we can't FEEL them,

we'll be able to SEE and FEEL the physical symptoms right?

And the more we ignore the physical symptoms or try to suppress them yet AGAIN,

with medication, binge eating, alcohol, etc,

the more our body will try to get our attention,

the more it will end up SCREAMING at us until we finally wake up and get the not so subtle hint.

Suppression, suppression, suppression.

Suppression gets us in trouble.

A lot of times till it's too late.

But really it's never too late.

We just buy into the idea that it is.

We just buy into the idea that there's "nothing you can do" except learn to live with the dis-ease, illness, symptoms you're experiencing.

Well I'm here to tell you that's a bunch of certified BULLSH*T.

Because we're not taught that we actually live in an ever changing, flowing, energetic universe.

And that our physical world, no matter how concrete and physical it may seem, is just energy.

And whatever has happened in the past, whatever has manifested into your physical reality,

you always have the option to choose again.

To choose and create a new reality.

Because your body's ability to heal is more powerful than you've been lead to believe.

And you are more powerful than you can even begin to imagine.

Because everything you could ever need is already within you.



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