The Frequency of Well-being

chloe elizabeth the boho boujee goddess

So let’s chat.

Everything is energy right?

Your body vibrates at a certain frequency.

Dis-ease and illness vibrates at a certain frequency.

A rather low one.

And when the body is sick, you can actually measure this lowered vibration.

Emotions all vibrate at a certain frequency as well.

Love, joy, peace having the highest vibrations.

Fear, anger, guilt, shame, the lowest.

So when we suppress our “negative” emotions, whether consciously or unconsciously,

when we don’t fully feel them

they get trapped within our body and lower our physical vibration.

(Note, this doesn’t mean to totally avoid all negative emotion and that if you feel angry or fearful you’re doing something wrong. We are here to experience all the emotions. You can vibrate at a high frequency and still feel negative emotion. The key is in being the none judgmental observer and allowing them to be fully felt and flow through you.

Over time, this lowered vibration, from the suppressed emotions, becomes your new “normal” and you get use to feeling blah, flat and burnt out.

And over even more time, these lower vibrations manifest into physical symptoms.

Because dis-ease can ONLY exist in low vibe environments.

(Just like maybe you have heard that cancer, etc can only exist in an acidic environment. Which is why the whole alkaline diet and PH water became a thing. Same concept. Raising your vibration to a frequency that dis-ease doesn’t hang out on.)

The more you surround yourself with low vibe people, food, news, chemicals, thoughts, all the low vibe things, the more and more you lower your vibration.

The more and more feeling shitty and totally NOT lit up by life becomes the norm in our society.

I mean look around- how many people do you see BURSTING at the seams with PASSION, JOY, LOVE and that FIRE inside their soul?

It’s sadly not common, but I believe if you are reading this, you’re here to help make that change.

I am very conscious about who and what I give my energy and attention to,

because I realize how valuable my energy is.

I don’t allow other’s beliefs to influence me.

And if I feel a conversation is going south, centered around drama or some sort of negative pattern, I just leave.

I don’t have to justify why I don’t feel like engaging negative situations or people

and neither do you.

Your energy is precious.

You are abundant.

You are a messenger,

a channel for the divine.

You have a purpose, a message, a REASON for being on this planet

and your body is the vessel in which to support you and make this happen.

It is always working FOR you.

Working to alert you when you have strayed away, off your path and are living out of alignment.

This may feel like a totally new and odd way of thinking and being at first.

But if you’re reading this and feel any sort of truth in it,

It is because your soul acknowledges and recognizes it as Truth.

Even if your conscious mind doesn’t quite fully get it.

No matter the case, it’s just perfect.

Because even simply reading these words is activating a remembrance in your soul on a deep cellular level.

It’s helping to expand your consciousness and awaken you to the inner wisdom you have forget that you deep down already know.

So today I encourage you to ask yourself:

What is something you know is lowering your vibration that you now choose to let go of?

And what is uplifting that you can add more of instead?

Remember- everything you need is already within you,

All the love,