The REAL Reason You're Stuck



Wanna know the REAL reason you haven't made any moves? Are still stuck at the same level of income, same level of stagnation, same level that you cry and plead and complain about all the live long day?

You may cry and complain that you're not leveling up, but deep down, you're comfortable.

Deep down, you have no reason to level up.

You've become comfortable with your mediocre life, your mediocre income, your level of safety and security. And because on the outside, everything is all fine and dandy, you have no reason to JUMP into the scary, deep and dark unknown.

Your subconscious is keeping you nice and mediocre and safe.

Where it thinks it can control everything.

Because in the scary, dark, unknown...

your mind feels out of control.

It feels vulnerable, unsafe, unsure.

It feels exposed.

You try to justify your inaction thinking, "oh I have plenty of time." As the clock continues to tick and tick and tick on by.

As the years go by and suddenly you wake up and wonder where tf your life went.

Oh YEA, you were too busy staying safe.

Staying in your comfort zone.

You're still stuck where you are, even though on the surface you talk about how BADLY you want to reach your next level, because in all truth, there is no FIRE under your ass to get you moving.

You have no FIRE and passion and drive and reason really to CHARGE forth towards the next level you.

Because mediocreville with your blankie and pacifier feels safer.

At least you KNOW what happens there. At least there are no surprises there. At least you're seen but not TOO fully seen because if you were FULLY seen, showing up as FULLY YOU, ALL OF YOU, what if, dare I say, people don't like it. People have something to say about it. People judge you.

I mean yea, it makes sense to some extent.

I get it.

I sorta, kinda, really do.

Safety, mediocrity, not wanting to rock the boat.

SO much better and cooler and safer than living the life of your dreams. Than having, asking and receiving everything you've ever possibly desired, and on a silver platter too.

I mean no brainer, right? Goodness, silly me. Sorry I even bothered you really. Let me just wrap this up so you can get back on with the mediocrity show!

Or you can wake tf up and light the damn fire.

Cos I nor anyone else sure as hell aren't gonna do it for you.

Don't forget-everything you need... yea, it's still within you.

xx Chlo