The Slow + Painful Death of Your Soul

the boho boujee goddess

The Slow + Painful Death of Your Soul.

When your soul tells you to do something.

It's not a suggestion.

It's not a suggestion written on a little card and carelessly thrown into your comment box of life.

It didn't take a survey and SUGGEST this crazy idea.

It's leading you to your purpose.

It's guiding you to your desires (whether you're aware of them or not. Your soul knows)

It's guiding you to the MF LIFE you oh so repeatedly dream and maybe even complain about hasn't appeared for you yet.

And do you want to know WHY?


Shall I explain?

Because you're not listening to your damn soul, that's why.

Now this may come across as a little harsh.

Or maybe you're even like wtf is this chick going on about.

It's fine.

I'm in super soul flow though at the moment so we just trust and know that you will receive whatever message you need to receive from this whether your human self is aware of it or not.

Because let's be real..

The SOUL always knows.

It always knows and it always will.

And you'd be a smart little cookie to trust it.

Smart little cookie?

Much like the girl scout who decided to sell cookies in front of the weed dispensary.

Now I don't even know what I'm going on about,

maybe it's because I heard a little girl talking about selling girl scout cookies yesterday.

You should have seen the way I so quickly propped up,

perked up my ears,

waiting for my perfect chance to ambush her with all the questions about how I can buy all the cookies from her.

Ok, back to the point.

But really, is there ever a point?

like one of my favorite mentors says,

I AM the mf point.

Case and point.

Ok back to your soul and why you're not listening to it.

Look, don't beat yourself up.

It's nothing to cry about really.

I mean we're taught, we're conditioned, we're raised, to follow everything BUT our true soul desires.

I mean do most people even know they HAVE a soul?

Oh goodness, just the thought makes me shudder.

Poor them.

But NO, this is about you, so just get on with it, Chloe.

(don't pretend you don't talk to yourself too. It's fine. We all do it.)

If your soul is guiding you to do the thing,

Yet you IGNORE it, for whatever humanly reason.

Too big,

too scary,

too much money,

"What would all the people think."


and the list of your sad and lonely excuses just goes on and on really.

But when your soul pops a little handy dandy idea into your head

into your handy dandy soul notebook that let me remind you you ALWAYS have access too.

You would be so wise as to FOLLOW IT.

Even if it doesn't make sense.

Like today. Lets play out an example.

As I was putting on my makeup, which is not much because apparently I missed the era of life where I was suppose to binge on youtube videos and learn how to apply proper makeup when I was younger, anyways. I noticed that my foundation and a few other things were running low.

Immediately I thought, ok no problem, I live 2.5 seconds away, literally WALKING distance from Sephora (maybe it's a good thing I'm not big on makeup) I'll just go grab some more things after my morning journaling and blogging and soul activities at the coffee shop. The idea lit me up and made me feel EXPANDED..

well for 2.5 seconds.

Until the FEAR mind crept in.

Oh how it likes to just SNEAK UP on you like there's no tomorrow.

Slowly sucking the fire + passion out of the soul of every American and Earthling alike who will give it the time of day..

I then started to hear the not so fun and lit up thoughts as

Do you REALLLYYY need more makeup Chloe?

You don't even really wear it.

Shouldn't you spend your money on more USEFUL things.

More IMPORTANT things.

Who are you to just drag your happy ass downstairs and go buy all this fancy shmancy make up from Sephora when you can just go to target and buy the same damn thing for a fraction of the cost.

And the list of conditioned BULLSH*T goes on and on really.

And let me be clear that acknowledging the difference between these two voices- soul vs conditioned collective consciousness BS is the FIRST step and took me a while to fully separate the two.

But when you discover it. Once you become aware of it. You're fully responsible for listening. You’re fully responsible for the choice you make after that.

Follow SOUL, or GIVE IN to the fear mind.

Now let me tell you what old Chloe would have done and what happens when you give in to this sneaky yet NOT so sneaky anymore now you are aware fear mind.

Agreeing with these total lack and scarcity vibes would have been SHOUTING from the rooftops to the universe and my soul that NO, I don't believe in myself, that I don't believe in my abundance. That I don't trust myself to do the damn work, to sit my ass down and do the damn inner work, to share my soul and show up for the people every day and that the money just gets to keep continuing to flow because it does. Because the money is actually SEPARATE form your art you see. That's the key.

But agreeing and allowing the fear mind to call the shots..

well to be quite honest, it SHRINKS the soul.

It DIMS your MF light.

Because the YOU who has it all,

Who KNOWS she is abundant,

Who TRUSTS and is CERTAIN and shows up every damn day,

Speaks her Truth,

Unapologetically prances around like she owns the place,

Knowing her abundance and worth comes from WITHIN

and that the Universe is always showing up for her,

LIFE is always showing up for her,

SOUL is always showing up for her,

Wouldn't think TWICE about taking her happy ass downstairs and buying the makeup now WOULD she.

Sort of similar to the amazing case and point and blog I wrote about buying my silk robe when I had no monies for it. (If you haven't read you can find it on the blog. A must read about abundance and saying yes to your soul)

So maybe it sounds silly that buying makeup would be such a decision as saying yes or no to your soul,

but the truth of the matter is

that your soul is always leading you down the abundant path of everything you desire.

The abundant path of ease and flow and living the mf life of purpose and passion you came here to mf live.

And whether your soul is telling you to take a nap,

go workout, stop talking to the toxic person, go on that trip,

write the book, start the business, raise your prices, SPEAK YOUR DAMN MIND, whatever it is telling you IN THE PRESENT MOMENT,

you better perk up your ears like I did when the girl scout mentioned COOKIES and MF listen for once.

Try it and let me know the magic that begins to happen in your life.

Because remember- everything you need is already within you.

And no, that's not just some catchy catchphrase I came up with for my business.

I only say it because it's the damn truth.

A truth one would be wise to accept.

All the soul flow love,