Chloe Elizabeth

Step Into Your Greatness

It’s time to rise TF up.

It’s time to transcend.

Oh didn’t you know?

YOUR SOUL CALLED, your oldest friend.

It’s tired of the BS stories and lies,

the limiting beliefs,

the frustration, the TRIES.

The drama,

the llama,

living inside the matrix,

when YOU, my love,

came here to be a Creatrix.

It’s ready to let go.

In fact, it already HAS.

It’s just waiting on YOU, and all that jazz.

To catch TF up and get ON with the show!

Because you’re not here just to be another average Joe.

“What show,” you ask?

Why, YOUR show, of course.

Your vision.

Your dream.

Your PURPOSE in this life,

is so much more than all this heartache and strife.

It’s time to BREAKTHROUGH,


the highest version of you and to stop feeling so numb.

While I truly didn’t mean for this blog to turn into Cat in the Hat,

It’s quite fun and refreshing, as a matter of fact.

See, we don’t play by the rules here,

If you haven’t already caught on.

Get ready to release the limiting beliefs from your mom.

In this dimension,

quite anything goes.

If you want to manifest quickly,

you must let go of the lows.

The lower vibrations and fears,

sneakily holding you back.

You must stop being the demons energetic snack.

So you’re ready to RISE TF UP

and quit playing so small?

You’ve come to EXACTLY the right place,

Come on in,

don’t just stand out there in the hall.

You’ve been one of us.

You’ve never truly fit in.

You know you’re here for more,

you always have been.

Which is why you are here.

There are no coincidences you see.


Yes, You and Me<3

Don’t ever forget- everything you need is within,

xx Chlo

P. freakin’ S. Did you see, did you SEE!?


is HERE.

THE course.

THE process.

THE tools for quite literally, well.. TRANSCENDING the Money Matrix.

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