What If There Was an Easier Way?


Your business.. you're doing it wrong.

Your LIFE.. you're doing it wrong.

Because it's not about what you do, how much you do of it, what strategies you take, etc.

It's about your ENERGY.

Who you're showing up as. 

Because everything is INSIDE of you.

But it's fine, because no one teaches us these things.

We're just raised in the wrong school of life.

We're taught to hustle and grind and do ALL THE F*CKING THINGS until we're blue in the face and pass out from exhaustion from working so hard and THEN

THEN that's when we'll magically "make it."

Whatever that means.

That's when we're supposedly WORTHY enough.

Once we've almost KILLED ourselves or made ourselves go CRAZY trying to figure this whole thing out.

But what if there was an easier way? 

Well.. there is.

And I only say this because I did all the things I just ranted off about above and it didn't end too well for me.

I sabotaged the EFF out of my fitness business.. to the point there was a time and place when I had ZERO idea how I was even going to eat the next day, let alone pay any bills. There was a point I ran and hid from money and all the situations with it I had previously created in my life. 

I had to get REAL MF good at believing in myself and taking the EMOTION out of making it.

I had to know that I was abundant because I am, REGARDLESS of circumstances.

I had to RISE TF UP.

And surprisingly, at the time, NONE of it, absolutely NONE of it, had ANYTHING to do with my actions.

Although I obviously did take inspired action to get myself out of that hell hole.

But it had EVERYTHING to do with my ENERGY.

My mindset.

My beliefs.

Who I was showing up as.

Because the Universe was simply reflecting back to me what I currently believed about myself.

Although deep down I KNEW it wasn't true.

See, we're taught BACKWARDS. That our RESULTS come from DOING. 

That our happiness, emotions, state of being, come from waiting on something in our external environment to go well and make us happy, and bring us joy for like an hour or so of the day.

So we go along life feeling deep down dead, miserable, zombied out, and EXHAUSTED from doing things we truly don't want to do.

But the truth is that WE create our physical reality FIRST. INSIDE of us.

You work on YOUR energy. YOUR beliefs. And then the external world adjusts to match.

The business gets easy.

Feeling GOOD gets easy.

Your relationships get fun + easy (still working on this bc introvert limiting beliefs over here lol)

Your whole LIFE just ebs and flows in such a beautiful way, you begin to say "OF COURSEEE, my life gets to feel this effin good. 

And of course it gets to feel better and better and better!"

Because why would you want it NOT to? 

And it's all about who you're showing up as, ya see? 

It's all about your energy.

xx Chlo