Your Body's Symptoms are Nothing to Fear

chloe elizabeth quantum healing

When people ask me what I DID to heal my body,

they usually ask something along the lines of

What did I do to STOP the symptoms, right?

What I did to get RID of my symptoms?

“How do you just SHUT THEM UP!?” Right? Sound familiar?

And every single time, I’m like no, no, no, that’s not the way it works.

That’s not the way symptoms work. We’ve been taught wrong. We’ve been taught backwards and all mixed up really.

Because the end goal is NOT to shut up the symptoms. The end goal is not to figure out the quickest way to hurry up and get them to stop.

Because symptoms aren’t something to fear.

They’re not something to RUN AWAY from.

They’re not something to freak out about the second we feel off, the second we feel bad, the second we feel pain, the second we start to feel a shift in our body.

(And once you reach a certain place with your mind-body connection, once you become so in tune with your body, you’ll begin to notice these shifts quicker, you’ll begin to notice them sooner and it will become easier and easier to shift back to your natural state of well being.)

See, the goal here is to understand what they are trying to tell you.

Your symptoms are your friend.

They are a part of you.

A part of your body.

They are simply there to bring you a message.

When we shift our perception to this, from fear to love,

from fear to gratitude, our whole world changes.

Our experience in our body changes.

Because the old paradigm, the old way of viewing symptoms and our body,

perpetuates more fear, perpetuates more of what we DON’T want.

it locks in the reality that “you have "this” disease and “this” wrong with you and this is your prognosis and there’s nothing you can do about it” and then even more fear sets in right?

But we know that the more we focus on something, the more of an EMOTIONAL reaction we have to something,

that the MORE we will continue to experience that in our reality.

Whether “negative” or “positive”

it doesn’t matter.

So what I DID to heal my body,

The very FIRST step,

was simply changing my perception.

Changing it from one of FEAR

to one of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

For the first time, I began to see my body through the eyes of LOVE.

(And after years and years of hating your body and never feeling enough, this was a huge shift, a sort of “coming home,” death of the ego, if you will.)

I began to LISTEN to what my body was attempting to tell me.

I began to LISTEN and tune in to what it needed.

In what ways had I been neglecting it?

In what ways could I love it more?

In what ways did I need to let go more deeply of fear and negative thoughts and beliefs I had about it, myself and the world around me.

And even just this one simple shift, relieved the pain.

It created space around the symptoms I was experiencing.

It allowed me to BREATHE and know that yes..

everything is going to be ok.

That my body wasn’t something bad and the symptoms weren’t something evil to fear,

That my body was FOR me, it supported me,

It was working WITH me,

that’s all it had been doing my whole life really,

was trying to get my attention,

was trying to get me wake up and realize and say HEY,

it’s time to come back home.