How to Make Any and All Decisions

When making a decision, especially an important one, it’s important to make it from a place of love, from your higher self vs from a place of fear and ego.

When confused about any decision you must make, drop into your heart space and ask yourself:

Does it feel empowering and expansive or does it feel small and fearful?

Journal it out if you need to, breathe, quiet your mind and truly FEEL into the answer vs THINKING the answer. When you experience this you’ll understand what I mean and see how different this is from how we are use to making decisions. It’s tuning into your soul, your higher self, making decisions that EMPOWER you and move you forward rather than ones that keep you stuck in the same old patterns.

Only say YES to the things that feel empowering and expansive. (Obvs.)


Chloe ElizabethComment