Raising Your Vibration- No Longer Allowing Sh*t That Use to Bother You to Bother You

How do you know you're expanding, raising your vibration, making progress on your journey?

When you raise your vibration things that use to piss you off don't bother you anymore. You've rised up above them.

Things that use to make you stop and go “wtf why would they do that?” and waste your energy, don't even catch your eye anymore. 

But if something DOES still stop you and your ego/mind starts going, you have something in you that is still a vibrational match for it.

So ask yourself, what in me is still not ok with that?

What in me is still holding on to that? What in me do I need to let go of?

Or what do I want instead that's on the other side?

That's a higher thought?

That can transform the lower vibration and just let it go?

When you’ve raised your vibration, lower vibrational shit that people use to say and do that would trigger you, just isn’t in your field anymore. You can float on by and let them be. It's like they don't even exist in your reality anymore and you're living in a whole 'nother dimension. 

You can let it go and let them be whoever they need to be bc you choose to not allow it to affect you. You can let them be their condescending, controlling or whatever self