Make Money Easy

21 Days to Reset, Rewire and Shift Your Relationship with Money

It’s Time to Make Money Easy.

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💰Do you feel as if money is hard?

💰Like there’s never enough?

💰Like there’s some secret code that everyone BUT you seems to have figured out?

💰Does it seem to stress you out more than most things, ok more than anything else?

💰And you just feel as if this whole money thing just isn’t going to ever click for you!?

I see you. I feel you. And not too long ago, I literally felt TRAPPED, SUFFOCATED and totally powerless when it came to money.

I mentally fully grasped that “we live in an abundant universe” and “our natural state is abundance.” But I had NO IDEA what the hell that actually FELT or LOOKED like in real life.

I felt as if I was forever doomed to just struggle in this one area of life.

No matter how hard I worked, how hard I pushed, how many courses I took and personal development books I read, I still had this program of scarcity and LACK running inside me, controlling my experience with money. It was almost as if the second I made any, with a snap of my fingers, it was already gone. And on and on I allowed this vicious cycle to continue for too. damn. long.

Hi Gorgeous💖,

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My name is Chloe Elizabeth, for those who don’t know me. I am a writer, mindset coach, perception shifter and full on supporter of YOU GET TO MAKE MONEY JUST BEING YOU. It’s true. That’s how it works girl, and I’m here to show you how.

It’s true, you get to be, do and have it all. We live in an infinitely abundant universe and money gets to be a beautiful tool to help you spread your message, make an impact and live the life you came here to MF live. Because you’ve got shit to say. And you can’t do it while being piss. poor. broke. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

My mission is to get more money into the hands of heart-led leaders. To help heal the misunderstood mentalities and beliefs around money and to help MAKE IT MF EASY.

Because money is simply a reflection of the flow in our lives. And if it’s not freely flowin’ in and out with grace and ease and FUN, then there are some BELIEFS IN THE WAY.

But don’t worry, this is what we’ll be BUSTING through and dissolving in these 21 days together. ;)

Get READY to be taken on a journey into BUSTING THROUGH THE BS AND BLOCKS.

A journey into absolute ABUNDANCE.

Sit down, buckle up, it’s time to open up to receiving all the good the Universe has been attempting to deliver to you.

It’s time to..


↓ ↓ ↓

How It’s Going Down:

21 Days, you + me.

We’re going to be digging deep, looking at your blocks and relationship with money.

I will be guiding you through, step by step, in returning to a place of love, ease, clarity, flow and BFF relationship status with money!

(Because how do you expect to attract more of it if you two currently have a shitty relationship?)

>>You will get INSTANT ACCESS to all content

>>1 initial 90 minute video training to jumpstart the group!

>>20 different mindset shifting journal prompts + audio trainings to take you deep into uncovering your blocks.


REPLACING IT with confidence, love and EMPOWERMENT.


What You Can Expect From Joining Make Money Easy:

➟A new relationship with money (duh)

➟Understand how you are sabotaging yourself and keeping yourself in negative cycles of lack, scarcity and not enough

➟Shift out of scarcity, lack and “never enough” into a place of clarity, ease and flow around money

➟Release blocks keeping you from attracting (not just money but your desires in general)

➟Learn to PLAY at the frequency of money

➟Rewire your brain to one of POSSIBILITY and high-vibe goodness

➟Gain awareness of your current attraction point and why you are STUCK in your current reality

➟Get UNf*cking STUCK

➟Gain clarity around your purpose, gifts and ways of making money that are FUN and natural to you

➟QUIT with the fear and enter a state of certainty, relaxation, calmness, and positive expectation around money

➟Become the deliberate creator of your reality. YOU get to call the shots with money

➟Clear the fear, guilt, shame and pain around money and your desires

➟Make money FUN (Because F is for friends who do stuff together👯.. if you can finish the whole song you may win a 1:1 call with me)

➟Let go of the fear, LIES and stories you’ve told yourself over and over around money and why it’s not possible for you to have it all!

➟Learn to attract and open yourself up to receiving mode

➟A HIGH VIBE container of transformation to heal your money shit

Give yourself PERMISSION to start living the beautiful, abundant life you came here to mothereffin’ live!

You can do this.

You deserve this.

💵 💵 💵

Money is not good or bad.

Money is an abundant, renewable, neutral resource.

It is energy.

And when you clear the blocks,

You clear the energy obstructing the flow of it coming into your life.

💵 💵 💵

It’s time to clear the fear.

It’s time to MAKE👏. MONEY👏. EASY👏.

↓ ↓ ↓


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What People Are Saying About Make Money Easy:



Do I need to be an entrepreneur to join this program?

NO! Of course not! These principles apply to money in general! They will help you open up to abundance no matter how you choose to make money!

I am a man. Can I join?


DUH. We don’t discriminate. And neither does money😉

I am super busy. What if I can’t keep up?

You have access to the content FOR LIFE. You can start with the group or in the middle of June. It’s up to you. Also, you can come back to this work and redo the course as many times as you’d like. Each time you’ll uncover a new layer and a next level YOU.