The Science of Calling in All You Desire + Living Your Next Level Abundant Life Now

Here’s the thing: We are ALWAYS manifesting- whether we are aware of it or not, whether it’s what we truly desire or the exact opposite.

Every situation and circumstance in your life is there to HELP you, to guide you, to AWAKEN you and become aware of yourself.. to help you reach your HIGHEST GOOD.

So when you become aware of your beliefs, thoughts, vibration, your FEARS + what you’ve been attracting,

you then get to CHANGE them.

You get to choose new ones that align with who you truly are, that align with your SOUL.

YOU get to create Your own reality.✨

You become a MAGNET for all that you desire-

That peace, joy , the DEEP SOUL quenching feeling of living your purpose, following your TRUE DESIRES.

Because when you let go of all the “shoulds + coulds” and step OUTSIDE of the imaginary box society tried to put you in,


You truly do get to have it all.👑

This sh*t is LIFE CHANGING to say the least.

And I will be teaching you my exact process for making this SHIFT.

Are You Ready?

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  • You’ve tried this whole manifesting thing before.. it seems difficult, confusing and like “good for all these other people,” but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you

  • You find it difficult to “just think positively” 24/7 and want real, PRACTICAL steps to improving your life and creating the reality you desire

  • Your goals seem impossible, the next level you seems so far out into the future it makes you sick to your stomach

  • You can’t seem to get your emotions and negative feelings under control, they’re all over the place, and they’re impacting what you are wanting to manifest in your life

  • You seem to keep getting the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you truly want and it just makes you feel like there’s no use

  • You’re energetically STUCK, paralyzed from taking action on your dreams + unable to shift out of a seemingly ENDLESS funk

  • OR you seem to have it figured out but you’re now stuck and seem to have hit a plateau and are ready to NEXT LEVEL the f*ck out of your life

I went through these same exact experiences..

And from being on the other side of this, let me tell you…


Let me teach you how.


My name is Chloe Elizabeth, for those who don’t know me. I am a writer, mindset coach, perception shifter and full on supporter of YOU GET TO MAKE MONEY JUST BEING YOU. It’s true. That’s how it works girl, and I’m here to show you how.

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It’s true, you get to be, do and have it all. We live in an infinitely abundant universe and you are the master + creator of your own reality. Crushing + achieving your high in the sky dreams doesn’t have to feel hard. Even though at times, I know it so can. I’m here to help you spread your message, make an impact and live the life you came here to MF live. Because you’ve got shit to say. And you can’t do it while being piss. poor. broke. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

My mission is to guide you in becoming the fully expressed, fully paid, fully badass version of you that you came here to be. To help you step into the badass leader, NOW.

Because I don’t have time for “realistic” goals. And neither should you. If you’re here to live a turnt + turned on life of joy, bliss + ALL the fun, then welcome home. You’re in the right place ;) It’s time to become the master of your own life. It’s time to become a Manifestation Maven!

This workshop is the BASIS + FOUNDATION for creating abundance in ALL areas of your life

The quantum way.


Taking control of what you are creating in your life

Next Level manifestation made easy

Consciously creating more love, money, purpose, impact, abundance in all the areas of life

How to achieve goals FASTER with ease and flow

The quantum, 5D aspect of manifestation

Collapsing timelines aka speeding up the manifestation process and your goals

How I call in my next level of income and reach seemingly “unrealistic” goals time after time

Not just money, but TIME, health and body manifestation

➟Bringing in + LOCKING into place the future version of you NOW

➟Accessing flow, getting into alignment, tapping into soul guidance + trusting fully

➟UNLEASHING your creativity + taking back your power

➟Dissolving fear

➟Activating ALL of your gifts- not just the physical but the emotional, spiritual, energetic of course

The new paradigm for effortlessly achieving success, by just being YOU.

My exact daily practice for stepping into flow, creative ecstasy and knowing the money will show up

How I rewire my beliefs and CHOOSE the next level version of myself all day everyday

My daily money/wealth practice

How I created this life and business from nothing but the dream, the vision, the download in my head


All versions of you are available now. The version of you who has it ALL, already exists.

It’s time to tap in and bring that version into reality, NOW.


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This is a previously recorded live workshop.

You will receive instant access to the replay and manifestation/money creation money BONUSES

You have access to the replay and all content for life.

You deserve happiness, love, fulfillment and so much more.

You deserve it alllll.


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xx Chlo