The No Bullshit Guide to

Creating + Launching Your Podcast within DAYS

+ Impacting the World with Your Message

In this Training You Will..

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Create + launch your podcast within DAYS- not weeks or months

Get your message out to the world

Create credibility for your brand by having a podcast

Easily + effortlessly get your podcast approved on iTunes, Spotify + all other platforms

Monetize your message + podcast

Create soulful content with ease on automatic


Audio trainings to break down the process, easily + effortlessly, step by step from start to finish

The exact platforms + software Chloe used to create everything from the cover art to the professional episode introduction

Fill in the blank templates you can use for podcast and episode descriptions.

Mindset shifts for getting over your limiting beliefs, excuses and just DOING THE DAMN THING.


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Imagine having the steps + tools to create and launch your podcast within DAYS.


You finally have the steps, laid out for you, to get your message out into the world.

To create the impact you are here to create.

To BE the damn person you are here to be.

This is exactly how Chloe created her podcast + launched it within DAYS

and how you can too.


So many have a message.

So many have a purpose.

Waiting to be unleashed.

Waiting to change the world.

And yet... they never unleash it.

They never act on it.

They never follow the inspiration and RUN with it.


Because the actual action of getting it out into the world seems hard.

Seems daunting.

Seems like it takes WORK.

WORK that no one wants to do.

And while that is true...

It DOES take setting your fears and ego aside and just DOING the damn thing..

I also believe it gets to be easy.

Because honestly, it has been for me.

And it gets to be for you too.

So I'm here to SMASH the misconception that doing the damn work

The work of your SOUL has to be draining-

Take months, YEARS, you have to get lucky, has to be the right phase of the fucking moon or whatever other limiting beliefs aka EXCUSES you can think of.

Because honestly, once you say YES to your soul.

Life says yes to you.

You actually become FILLED UP by getting your message out into the world.

When you're doing your true soul work...

It feels fun and flowy and more like divine PLAY.

I had known for quite some time that I wanted to create a podcast.

I knew it was an amazing, aligned way for me to reach more people with my message.

Create an impact.

And build credibility for my personal brand.

But I continued to put it off and put it off.


Because to be honest, the THOUGHT of creating + launching a podcast...

Felt extremely hard and difficult and something I just DID NOT feel like diving into.

I felt like I was going to be led down a rabbit hole of difficult technical things that would end up leaving me frustrated and angry.

Till one day I had enough and just DECIDED.

I decided, “Ok Chloe, this is happening.”


The message needs to be unleashed and I've been putting off the podcast long enough.

And once I just let tf go of my excuses and decided, I put my head down, created + launched my podcast, Another Dimension, within a few DAYS.

And the best part was.. it wasn't ANYWHERE as hard as I thought it would be.

The other day I saw a course about launching your podcast in 30 days and it triggered the fuck out of me.


I felt energetically drained just reading it.

I shook my head and just NEW I had to create a training to tell how I did it, with ease, and flow and only within a few days.

Because I want others to realize that the limiting beliefs in their head that are keeping them from getting their message out into the world... aren't really true.

It gets to be easy.

Why would following your one true path, your purpose, what it is you are meant to do in this world be hard work?

That's just our ego keeping us from unleashing what is inside of us.

It's just the ego keeping us safe.

I now have a podcast, a platform to unleash my message, a home for my soul's true expression, on iTunes, Spotify and every other podcast platform. I have over 30 episodes already within a few months of launching. Hundreds of listeners. Thousands of plays. And it just keeps expanding.

I want to help you create a home for your message.

So you can impact the world.

Shine your light.

And get paid for being you.

Your desires are real.

What's inside of you is real.

The world is waiting for you to step up.

All you have to do is


Are you ready?

Remember- Everything you need is within you.

It’s time to press play and UNLEASH it.

xx Chlo