It’s time to move, shift, transform, step into and BEcome the highest version of yourself available.

It’s time to DISSOLVE + DELETE the lower vibrational patterns you’ve been operating under and open up to your divine blueprint and all that is available to you NOW.

How do we do this you may be asking?

Through a powerful tool I have used to achieve all the unrealistic goals in my life.

Through the magic + power of the written word.

Through journaling.

Health, energy, love, joy, abundance, inner peace + healing beyond what your conscious mind can imagine are all available for you to tap into now.

Your vision and life you desire are available to you now.

It is in the quantum field, waiting for YOU to DECIDE, BEcome the person and take the inspired, divine action to bring it into the physical.

Journaling is a POWERFUL daily tool to tap into your power, your soul, your purpose and literally become your higher self, NOW.

The Magic Is Within You.

Waiting to be unleashed.

An untapped source of infinite power, abundance, soul flow, clarity, direction, support, the BLUEPRINT to your purpose, lives within you.

It always has been and always will be.

Your soul.

It's been calling to you.

Nudging you.

Day by day.

Moment by moment.

and If you're reading this,

I believe you're ready to answer the call.

What call you ask?

Why the call for MORE of course.

The call of what you came to this planet at this exact time and place in your exact physical form to do.

The calling of BEcoming and stepping into all you are here to be.

The calling and desire to truly create your reality,

from purpose, passion and soul alignment.

It's time to answer the call.

It's time to step into your power.

It's time to Write Your Reality.

In the Write Your Reality Quantum Journaling Workshop you will learn how to get yourself unf*cked, unstuck and quantum leaping into your vision. 

Write Your Reality is clarity, energy shifting through journaling, KNOWING what inspired action you need to take to align with your higher self and of course all the soul downloads.



Open yourself to receiving more

Clear your channel

Learn how to shift your energy through journaling

Align with your vision and higher self

Get clear

Clear fear 

Dissolve blocks

Reprogram your subconscious

Learn how to bring your vision and desires from the quantum into the physical

Learn the proper way to journal to create your life

Collapse time

Process and shift stuck emotions + energy

Process + clear past emotional baggage keeping you stuck in the same old patterns

Gain confidence, safety, security, trust in yourself

Reprogram your lack mentality

Tap into the vibe of instant manifestation

Shift your identity

Be open to receiving the inspired action you need to take

Raise your vibration

Help you BEcome the damn person you are here to be!!

↓ ↓ ↓



  • You’ve tried this whole manifesting thing before.. it seems difficult, confusing and like “good for all these other people,” but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you

  • You find it difficult to “just think positively” 24/7 and want real, PRACTICAL steps + tools to improving your life and creating the reality you desire

  • You have deep seated fears around money, stepping into your power, speaking your Truth, taking the action you know you are meant to take and you just can’t take settling for a mediocre life any longer

  • Your goals seem impossible, the next level you seems so far out into the future it makes you sick to your stomach

  • You can’t seem to get your emotions and negative feelings under control, they’re all over the place, and they’re impacting what you are wanting to manifest in your life

  • You seem to keep getting the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you truly want and it just makes you feel like there’s no use

  • You’re energetically STUCK, paralyzed from taking action on your dreams + unable to shift out of a seemingly ENDLESS funk

  • OR you seem to have it figured out but you’re now stuck and seem to have hit a plateau and are ready to NEXT LEVEL the f*ck out of your life

I went through these exact feelings.

And from being on the other side of this, let me tell you…


Let me guide you through it.


My name is Chloe Elizabeth, for those who don’t know me. I am a writer, healer, mindset mentor, soul activator and full on supporter of YOU GET TO MAKE MONEY JUST BEING YOU. It’s true. That’s how it works girl, and I’m here to show you how.

image (8).jpg

It’s true, you get to be, do and have it all. We live in an infinitely abundant universe and you are the master + creator of your own reality. Crushing + achieving your high in the sky dreams doesn’t have to feel hard. Even though at times, I know it so can. I’m here to help you unleash your message, make an impact and live the life you came here to mothereffin’ live. Because you’ve got shit to say. And you can’t do it while being piss. poor. broke. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

My mission is to guide you in becoming the fully expressed, fully paid, fully badass version of you that you came here to be. To help you step into the badass leader, NOW.

Because I don’t have time for “realistic” goals. And neither should you. If you’re here to live a turnt + turned on life of joy, bliss, soul fulfillment + ALL the fun, then welcome home. You’re in the right place ;) It’s time to become the master of your own life. It’s time to Write Your Reality.

This workshop is the basis + foundation for shifting your energy through the powerful tool of journaling✨



➟Healed my inner child and childhood wounds

➟Healed from emotional and narcissistic abuse.

➟Let go of fear based beliefs keeping me stuck in patterns of self sabotage.

➟Processed and healed the emotional, spiritual + energetic blocks in my field that were manifesting into chronic illness aka healed my body

➟Expanded to a deep inner knowing + trust that I can create money out of thin air

➟Decided and became a person who always has my dream, hot bod (because why tf not??)

➟Learned how to expand + manifest time

➟Let go of fears, self doubt, "not enough" and unworthiness issues

➟Reprogrammed by lack and scarcity programming

➟Healed by relationship with money and dissolved deep seated money fears

➟Manifested dream apartments, trips and lifestyle

➟Went from being triggered by everything and everyone to loving everyone and seeing them as beautiful reflections of me

➟Healed my relationship with my parents

➟Created a life of joy, love, inner peace and pure bliss

➟a tool I can always always turn to to instantly process and shift my emotions and vibration

➟Cultivated a deeper connection to God/Source/Higher Self

➟Created a deeper connection to my creativity

➟Connected to spiritual guides

➟Attracted soulful, joyful relationships

➟Created a successful business from soul alignment and just being me

& in this magical workshop, I will be guiding you through the exact tools + processes I have used to achieve all of this and more.


All versions of you are available now. The version of you who has it ALL, already exists.

It’s time to tap in and bring that version into reality, NOW.


↓ ↓ ↓



Write Your Reality is a LIVE online workshop that will take place Friday, July 12th.

You can join from anywhere in the world and you will receive access to the recording and all content for life.

You will also receive my personal journal prompts to get you unf*cked, unstuck and quantum leaping into your vision. 

AND my Quantum Journaling Manifestation process previously only seen by my high level 1:1 clients and in a few select programs.

There will also be a live Q+A during the workshop where you will have access to my brain + the opportunity to ask any questions that come up for you.


The reality you desire is available to you.

Journaling is a powerful tool to bring reprogram your brain + bring those desires and your vision to life.

Are you ready to begin utilizing this powerful tool to create your reality + start living the life you came here to live?

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Click the HELL YES button above to claim your spot.


xx Chlo